A couple of weeks ago we had Jay Calder speak at our morning service about Compassion Canada and how we can partner with Compassion to release children from poverty.

The folks at Westheights Church stepped up and sponsored 21 children that morning. How exciting to know that this congregation will directly impact the lives of 21 children and their families. Many families already sponsor Compassion children but generously chose to sponsor more. By working together, we get to see the church fulfill its role as the light of the world, pointing the way to salvation and giving children hope for a life free from poverty.

Yippee to Westheights Church for providing life-changing interventions to help children and families escape poverty for good!

If you weren’t at church service that Sunday, you can still sponsor a child by contacting Compassion Canada:

Compassion Canada website: https://www.compassion.ca/

Compassion Canada phone: 1-800-563-5437