You might have already caught the buzz: Westheights Kids in SK- Grade 5 kicked off the year with some crazy bubble fun –  and some giant bubble wands!!

Did you know that making “God’s Kingdom come” is a lot like making bigger-than-life, sparkling, and wonder-building bubbles? Today we talked about how God invites us to take in all that He is, to let Him fill us, and to release His Kingdom wherever we are – in the things we say and do.

Some things to talk about – for Step 1 of home fun:

1) What are some of the good Kingdom things God can fill us with? Hint: Start with love. End with hope! (The in-between seems endless.)
2) You can move the bubble wand and release an enormous and perfectly unique bubble at just the right time. What is God moving and releasing (letting go of) at just the right time? How is that changing the world?
3) If we are like bubble wands, what is our part? (Note that bubble wands are not moving on their own, or working with all their might to make awesome things happen. They sit and soak in bubble juice goodness, let the Expert direct the event, and follow His lead with precision and gusto…)

May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.  (Matt 6:10)

Step 2, 3, 4, and 5: If your child came home with a bubble wand, you’ll want to know how to make the bubble magic happen. So click here, read, create and enjoy!

See you next Sunday, for September Kick-Off #2.