This Sunday one of the songs we’ll be singing is a battle cry for the church. Chris Llewellyn of Rend Collective shares the concepts that formed this song, Every Giant Will Fall:

“Every Giant Will Fall is a song that is rooted in the Old Testament, inspired by the account of Caleb and Joshua being able to see past the giants and past the difficulties and struggles of entering the Promised Land and know they could get past that. We want to be those people as well…We don’t want to be people staring at the giants or difficulties and struggles in our lives and thinking our God isn’t big enough to overcome anything. We need anthems and battle cries. The songs link together other parts of the Joshua story, including bringing down the walls of Jericho, which is an amazing thing to bring into praise when you think of using music to very literally break down walls. We can still do that today when we lift up our battle cries and our anthems of faith. When we begin to trust and stir up that hope in God, the walls come down.”

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I can see the promised land
Though there’s pain within the plan
There is victory in the end
Your love is my battle cry

When my fears like Jericho
Build their walls around my soul
When my heart is overthrown
Your love is my battle cry
The anthem for all my life

Every giant will fall
The mountains will move
Every chain of the past
You’ve broken in two
Over fear, over lies
We’re singing the truth
That nothing is impossible
With You

There is hope within the fight
In the wars that rage inside
Though the shadows steal the light
Your love is my battle cry
The anthem for all my life

No greater name
No higher name
No stronger name
Than Jesus
You overcame
Broke every chain
Forever reign
King Jesus


These are the other songs we’ll be singing this Sunday (July 7, 2019), along with a YouTube playlist.

Breathe On Us

Every Giant Will Fall

God My Rock

King Of My Heart

I Turn to Christ