Overheard recently from the lips of an overwhelmed student, “I have to get through my exams, then I have one day to research how I’m going to vote, then my car needs to be fixed, then I have to suffer through a root canal, then I have to find someone who would be willing to pet-sit for my tarantulas and crab while I’m on vacation. Don’t talk to me; I’m stressed.” Life is busy and can sometimes feel overwhelming and it doesn’t take much for a day to fly by without thinking about your spiritual life. With everything that is going on, how can you grow as a follower of Jesus? We are currently in our teaching series, “Spiritual Stuff for the Everyday Soul,” discussing some of the practical ways that we can create space to experience God and grow as followers of Jesus. This Sunday we will be challenged with a message on confession, followed by communion.

These are the songs we’ll be singing this Sunday (Oct 20, 2019), as well as a YouTube playlist.

Great Things

Your Love Awakens Me

Who You Say I Am

Build My Life

O Come to the Altar

Great Are You Lord

Living Hope