Halloween for Hunger is Thursday night @ 6:00 PM. Rain is a strong possibility but we will still be collecting food donations as many of our neighbours have gone out of their way to prepare their bags of food. Please dress appropriately. We have a handful of rain ponchos in case of emergency Рfirst come, first served.

We’ve made a list of the four things you need to know for Halloween for Hunger.

1. Come to the church at 6PM sharp and find your team! We have a huge number of volunteers helping us this year and not a lot of space in the foyer. When you arrive, check in at the sign-in table. For food collectors, find your team and route number so you can get organized right away. You’ll be travelling with your team all night and will have a route that is just for you. We’ll be gathering at 6:15 for a photo and instructions so please be on time.

*Note! Drivers and Sorters will be given more detailed instructions after the teams leave.

2. Be Friendly! One of the best parts of Halloween for Hunger is that we get to meet our neighbours. If you don’t know what to say, we’ll have a script for you to use. Travel with your team and you’ll be set!

3. Dress Warm (and wear a costume if you like!). While Halloween can have a creepy side to it, we also think it’s a great time to connect with our neighbours. Feel free to wear a costume if you want (nothing scary please!), but be sure to dress appropriately because we are expecting some rain.

4. Socialize Afterwards! After your task is done, reward yourself with hot beverages and delicious treats!

Note: If you’ve had a change of plans and cannot make it for Halloween night, please contact me at christinamain@westheights.org so I can update the team rosters.