Today is a Sunday morning where we will not have a service due to inclement weather. I am sitting in my quiet office, sipping coffee and reading. If I am honest it is kind of nice to be forced to take a break from my Sunday morning routine.

This Sunday is the first Sunday of the Advent season – the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas. Advent is a season of waiting and anticipating the coming of Jesus and we are reminded that for centuries people waited for Jesus to come as God’s Messiah. But Advent is more than just remembering a moment in the past, it is also forward looking – anticipating the return of Jesus. And so Advent invites us to live in the present yet expecting the return of Jesus.  

Today as we experience the disruption of plans and schedules on account of the bad weather, may we see it as an opportunity to enter into Advent reflection and to be moved to live in our present in a way that anticipates Jesus’ return.

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