Westheights Community Church is a part of a network of churches called the Be in Christ Church of Canada who are connected to other BIC global churches. Recently a request was made to BIC Canada churches to consider sending a gift to some of our brothers and sisters that we partner with around the world in response to the current COVID-19 crisis.

For us here at Westheights, we have a history of being connected to the BIC churches in Nicaragua (particularly in Masaya) and so we are being asked to consider making a donation in support of these churches. Recently the Nicaragua BIC Church president Felipe Estrada reported the following:

“The majority of our pastors are in a critical situation, recognizing that many are older and are more vulnerable to this pandemic. Nevertheless there are some cases that need quick attention since they are showing symptoms of the virus, others have lost their jobs and others family members. In the area of Managua (capital city) and Masaya, the churches have stopped giving the tithes and offerings because the greatest majority of the members have lost their jobs and this is directly affecting the pastors and the national church… Right now, we have 30 of our 133 pastors in urgent need.”

Pastor Felipe Estrada (white shirt) and another pastor in front of the church in Vera Cruz. This church meets under the shade provided by the light roof, supported by poles.

In response to this need, our Church Board is giving a one-time gift on behalf of Westheights Church. However, we know that Nicaragua is close to many of your hearts so we want to also provide you the opportunity to give individually, if this is something you feel called to do.

To give:

  • Write a cheque to “BIC Canada Global” with “World Hunger Fund – Nicaragua” in the memo line
  • Mail to: BIC Church of Canada, 2700 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 6E1

Thank you for considering this worthy cause.