Ah…Ah…Ah…CHOO! (I mean – BOO!)

Are you on the lookout for ways to teach your kids how to love like Jesus? How to spend their lives on others, in spite of the “me first” messages they see and hear every day?

Well, when it comes to kids – preschoolers right up to Grade 5s (and way past that, of course) – serving others isn’t taught…It’s caught! (What? A virus we WANT to pass on?)

So how about letting your kids catch you in the act – of giving, of serving, or making it about others?

Here are some ways to make Hallowe’en for Hunger more than just a yearly event:


Parents, read these verses before you share them with your kids:
Matthew 25:37- 40
2 Corinthians 9:6-8 ***
2 Corinthians 8:12
Sit down with your kids and talk about what the Food Bank does! https://www.thefoodbank.ca/
Read together one or all of the passages above – from the New International Reader’s Version.
***For kids with shorter attention spans, consider making this verse your go-to!
Pray together and ask God: How can we help? Ask Him for guidance about what to do.


Make a list together of non-perishable food items you think another family like yours might like to have. Circle the items on the list that you all agree are relatively healthy. (Wouldn’t we all love to have 5 million bags of Jolly Ranchers and Kit Kats?!)
Do some research on what the most sought after Food Bank items are. Add them to your list.
Decide which of these, and how much, your family would like to give.
Make sure the family Grocery Shopper is in the know!
Show your kids the grocery items when the Shopper brings them home. Bring your food items to the Hallowe’en for Hunger event. Let your kids do the carrying!


Think and talk about one way that you spend any disposable income that you have as a family.
Think and talk about one way that each child spends money that they have.
Would you/they be willing to move any Savings or Spending money to a Giving category?
Decide what and how much your family would like to give.
Spend that Giving money on non-perishable food items for the Food Bank, or donate that amount virtually!
(Let your kids see you use your credit card, and actually let them punch in the amount!)


Saturday, October 31st
Non-perishable Dropoffs & just-a-few -safe-and-candy-laden Family Activity Stations between 9-12AM
Westheights Community Church parking lot

82 Westheights Dr., Kitchener
Let us know at christinamain@westheights.org if you’d like to be a Food Packing family that morning.
Let the celebration of Hallowe’en AND Giving ensue! Come in costume, of course!