Our 2019 AGM was originally scheduled for March 29 but due to COVID-19 it was recommended that we defer this meeting until the pandemic was over. Fast forward eight months, and we are still experiencing the pandemic. BIC Canada is requiring us to have our deferred local AGM this fall, virtually, and therefore the decision has been made to facilitate our virtual Annual General Meeting on Sunday, November 29 at 6:30pm.

While it may seem funny that we are holding this meeting in November, it is important that we gather to discuss our 2019 ministry and also approve certain annual requirements. This meeting is open to all members and attendees of Westheights Community Church. Please note that all attendees are encouraged to come and give input; however, only members will be requested to vote on issues.

As we hope you can appreciate, this meeting will be different than it has been other years:

  • This meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. The Zoom Link will be distributed by email one week prior and the day of the meeting.
  • All votes will be done in reverse (i.e. raise your hand only if you are against the motion) to make it easier to count the votes on the Zoom screen.
  • At the conclusion of our meeting, attendees are encouraged to remain in the Zoom call for some casual conversation with each other.


Please click here for a digital copy of our AGM Report as distributed in March 2020.

Please click here for the “Revised AGM AGENDA” for our AGM meeting. 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Pastor Josh or Doug Braun (Board Chair) via office@westheights.org