It is hard to believe that we are rapidly approaching 1-year of doing church differently due to COVID-19. But despite the changes in how we do ministry, the work of our staff has not diminished. Rather, like many of you, we have had to pivot to learn how to do our jobs in new and unexpected ways. 

As Lead Pastor, I am tremendously proud of the ways in which Charlene, Christina and Terry have responded to this pandemic reality. They are leading their ministries in creative and meaningful ways. Each of us has had to become comfortable in front of a camera and has had to learn skills that we never thought we would have to learn such as video editing (seriously, some of us are getting pretty good). 

All this has happened during a time when we have been without a Worship Director and has also included the departure of our Church Administrator. The result of these two vacancies has meant that our staff has taken on additional responsibilities. 

Initially, we did not rush to fill these roles for a variety of reasons, but the Board and I have decided that it is now time to move forward with the hiring of a full-time Director of Worship & Administration. We believe that hiring for this position will meet our needs currently and will serve us well in the future since this will support our current staff and expand ministry capacity. We appreciate your confidence and support in this decision, and we’re excited to share this with you!

The successful candidate for this position will be someone who is organized, comfortable with technology, and has a demonstrated ability to lead worship. This individual will give leadership to our Sunday morning teams, be a valuable resource as we grow in our reliance on technology, and will keep us organized behind the scenes. The hope is that we will be able to work through the interview and hiring process early this spring.

If you are interested in reading the job description, you can find it here. You are welcome to forward it to anyone that you think would be a good fit for Westheights Community Church.

Click here to see the video announcement.

If you have any questions about this role or our process, please feel free to reach out to me.