If you’re just joining this series, welcome! During this sermon, Pastor Josh explores the ups and downs of attitude within the story of Jonah. Has your outlook or attitude towards a person or situation ever negatively impact your experience? Has this perception also made it feel like you’re not understood, or worse, that God doesn’t understand you? Explore with an open mind what kind of heartfelt love that God is welcoming you to experience, both inwardly and outwardly.

Real People in God’s Story: Jonah

Message by Josh Mutter – August 8, 2021

God invites us to set aside our animosity and join him in his love.

 Our animosity can keep us from seeing what God is doing in our story and in the stories of others.

Our animosity reveals a heart that is out of sync with God.

About Josh Mutter: Josh Mutter is the Lead Pastor at Westheights Community Church. Josh is married to Michelle and they have two very busy little boys named Silas & Isaac. Josh enjoys long walks on the beach and smooth jazz – well, not really. But he does enjoy time with his family, spending time outdoors, watching baseball, sipping coffee and reading a good book.

You can watch the sermon on Youtube here.