The last two years has been tough. Pandemic, loss, transitions, adjustments, pivot, pivot, pivot… it’s enough to make anyone feel exhausted, weary and just, done.

Join us in-person or virtually March 6-7, 2022 for a chance to reset during this weary season, and prepare for the Lent season. 82 Westheights Dr. will be open from 2pm-2pm for anyone needing a space to come for a few hours to reflect, breathe, pray, or just be still. Stations to encourage contemplative practices will be available for anyone to go through at their own pace. For those who aren’t able to come to the church but want to still participate from home, we can provide similar contemplative practices for you to create in your own space.

This will be a self-guided retreat with stations you can go through at your own pace. Go through all the stations, or find one that is really what is what you need and stay in that space for the whole time. This is a time to reconnect with God, and to reconnect with yourself. To rest. To reset.

Want a reminder closer to the event and/or not able to come in person? Fill this form out so we can remind a few days beforehand and/or so we  can send you virtual materials to participate from home.

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