Yeah, we’ve noticed you’re parenting some pretty brilliant Westheights Kids. Every Sunday, we’ve got drawing smarts, social smarts, math smarts, and body smarts going in the room, to name a few of the many lightbulbs that are on…

On Sunday, our On Your Mark! SK-Grade 5s talked about Thomas, Jesus’ close friend, who had questions, and who wasn’t about to discount his first-hand knowledge in favour of something downright unbelievable.

And Jesus wasn’t shocked, or scared, nor did he shame Thomas. Instead, Jesus made a special appearance to answer Thomas’ questions, and to BE the answer in Thomas’ quest to know God!

And then your brilliant kiddos talked about their own big questions: What is real and true in this world? Santa Claus? (Eeek!) When did God start? What was Jesus doing after He died, and how exactly did He come back to life?

And guess who they named as people they could talk to about big questions?

You! And us. Nice, right?
That we can partner together to create spaces for your kids to belong – where no question is frowned upon.

Thomas didn’t hold back: he voiced his doubts and questions. And so should your kids. To people who aren’t afraid to say, I don’t know the answer to that. Or, I sometimes have questions like that too! Or, I’m glad you have that question. Let me tell you what I’ve come to believe, and why.

Often, those who shake their heads and ask big questions become remarkably steadfast followers of Jesus. Like Thomas, for instance.

May we always welcome those like him who are growing up in our midst!