NAME TAG SUNDAYS—It’s hard to remember people’s names, even those people we see every week at church. Pick up the name tag on your seat and write your name on it and see how easy it is to make a new friend!

OUR WELCOME CENTRE—Our Welcome Centre is our hub for information about Westheights Community Church. If you are new, you will find info about who we are and some of our programs. If you are already familiar with Westheights, you will find information about current events including sign-up sheets. One of the features of our Welcome Centre is a Connection Card which you can use to communicate with us about a variety of things – just fill it out and drop it in the box!

TODAY’S MESSAGE—Before Pastor Josh comes up to continue our message series, “Spiritual Stuff for the Everyday Soul,” we have a humorous video for you to enjoy.

Life is busy and it doesn’t take much for a day to fly by without thinking about our spiritual lives. With everything that is going on, how can we grow as followers of Jesus? In this series we will discuss some of the practical ways that we can create space to experience God and grow as followers of Jesus. 

SERMON NOTES APP —For those of you who aren’t already using it, we’d like to introduce you to our Sunday app, a digital platform for everything that happens on Sundays including sermon notes, announcements, order of service, and online giving. The sermon note app was created specifically for Westheights. If you haven’t tried the app, check it out at

STAY IN TOUCHWe all use different platforms to stay in touch with our friends and family. At Westheights, we strive to keep you up-to-date using the following platforms: Westheights Weekly emails (, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog (, Sundays App (, Feedburner (blog posts emailed to you every night at 7:00 pm), printed seasonal newsletters.

KIDS’ PICK-UP TIMES—Each week, our kids are safely in the care of our trained leaders. Did you know that, on a weekly basis, we have almost a 1:2 ratio, with one leader for every two kids? We are grateful for our amazing leaders and their passion to disciple our kids. Each week the leaders have an action-packed morning for our kids so they’d really appreciate every minute they can have with them. Please remember that our kids’ pick-up times are: 1) Infant-JK, after 11:30am; 2) SK-Grade 8, at 11:45am.

LOST & FOUND—If you or your kids have lost something, please look in our Lost & Found bin at the bottom of the stairwell. If you have lost valuable items, like jewellery, please speak to Mimi, our Administrator.

HOUSE CHURCHES—House Churches provide the opportunity to cultivate deeper connections and friendships while supporting each other on our spiritual journeys.  Speak to Terry Kreutzkamp if you want to hear more about house churches.

PRE-AUTHORIZED DEBIT—Want to donate to Westheights in the same easy way that you pay bills and donate to other charities? If you are interested in being part of Westheights’ Pre-authorized Debit Program, contact the church treasurer by emailing

Looking for today’s Order of Service?  Click here.



Jr High Retreat—October 4-6

Thanksgiving—October 14

Kahquah Fundraising Event—October 27

Halloween For Hunger—October 31



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