NAME TAGS—Do you struggle with remembering people’s names, even within seconds of introducing yourselves? Help your neighbour by wearing a name tag. Just take a pen, put your name on the tag found on your chair, and make a new friend!

ANNIVERSARY SERVICE—This year Westheights Church celebrates its 40th Anniversary. Join us for a very special birthday party next Sunday, November 25th. We’ll have a fun birthday party after the service, with pizza and cake and birthday activities for all ages.

PROJECT GIVE—This is our 10th year doing Project Give. On Sunday, Dec 9th, we will be focusing our attention on giving to our local and global neighbours. For the morning message, we have special guest speaker Kim Lester, Associate Executive Director of MCC Ontario. Following the service, we will convert the sanctuary into a multi-project room where we invite you to stay and participate in any of four service projects which will benefit our neighbours at Forest Heights Long Term Care Centre and Mennonite Central Committee’s global work. In preparation for December 9th, we need to collect enough supplies for 150 hygiene kits. Helping is as easy as one-two-three. One – rip off a supply slip from the posters in the Westheights foyer. Two – buy your supplies. Three – show up on Sunday, Dec 9th with your supplies when we will assemble the hygiene kits to be shipped to multiple situations of crisis around the world such as Syria, Iraq, and India.

MCC CHRISTMAS GIVING GUIDE—Speaking of MCC, we are giving out MCC Christmas Giving Guides today, to help you put a big dent in your Christmas shopping list. Look in your mail files or, if you don’t have a mail file, on the shelf beneath the foyer TV, for your copy of the MCC Christmas Giving Guide and choose gifts that change lives.

RECOMMENDED READING—Today Pastor Josh Mutter continues with his message series called “Who Am I?” For the next few weeks, our Resource Centre will be featuring specific books related to the morning message. After service today, visit the Resource Centre (in the foyer behind the coffee area) and check out the selected books, clearly identified with a bookmark.

TODAY’S MESSAGE—Pastor Josh Mutter continues his message series called “Who Am I?”

SERMON NOTES APP —For those of you who aren’t already using it, we’d like to introduce you to our Sunday app, a digital platform for everything that happens on Sundays including sermon notes, announcements, order of service, and online giving. The sermon note app was created specifically for Westheights. If you haven’t tried the app, check it out at

STAY IN TOUCHWe all use different platforms to stay in touch with our friends and family. At Westheights, we strive to keep you up-to-date using the following platforms: Westheights Weekly emails (, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog (, Sundays App (, Feedburner (blog posts emailed to you every night at 7:00 pm), printed seasonal newsletters.

HOUSE CHURCHES—Now is the time to start considering joining a house church. House Churches provide the opportunity to cultivate deeper connections and friendships while supporting each other on our spiritual journeys. In the coming weeks, we will be providing more information on the different house churches available. Speak to Terry Kreutzkamp if you want to know more.

PRE-AUTHORIZED DEBIT—Want to donate to Westheights in the same easy way that you pay bills and donate to other charities? If you are interested in being part of Westheights’ Pre-authorized Debit Program, contact the church treasurer by emailing

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Infant-Toddler Take-It-Home Event—November 18

Sr High Lock-In—November 16-17

Westheights Church’s 40th Anniversary—November 25

Good Church Coffee on Sale—Beginning December 2

Project Give—December 9



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Westheights has been working together to raise funds for our Greater Things campaign. The funds are for recent renovations that have offered a number of benefits to our ministries and for future improvements in accessibility for our facilities. For us to accomplish the Greater Things 20/20 vision the entire congregation of Westheights must rally together in spirit and action. We ask that you simply pray and, as God leads you, consider giving to the Greater Things campaign. For more information speak to Davd Wigg (campaign chairperson).

John 14:12 (Jesus) “Those who believe will do even greater things.”