So what is changing in me during IGNITE? One thing I realized recently is that I have an increased desire to be growing spiritually as part of a community. I think I’ve always been a fairly private person. Talking about my own spiritual journey has perhaps been more challenging for me than it would be for many others. For a long time I seemed to keep my own spiritual experience to myself … it was a very internal process. I think I have learned, and am continuing to learn, the incredible benefit of being able to share my faith journey with close friends or in a safe community.

I was at the Breakfast Club this past Sunday morning. I was so impressed by the open and willing sharing of so many people. It certainly makes me feel that we are travelling this road together. That we can learn from each other and encourage each other.

Recently I was at our House Church, and I was quite moved by our prayer time at the end. I truly felt that we were there as a group of friends “seeking God” together. When the leader brought the prayer time to a close, my first thought was “don’t stop yet … I don’t want this to be over yet!” There is something about seeking God and coming to Him as a group that is powerful. I’m not sure that I’ve ever felt that way before about prayer in community as I did that night.

I am excited to be seeking God not only individually, but as part of the Westheights community.