Read 2 Timothy 1:7

Strength is not something we talk about much in the church.  We talk about grace, wisdom, love friendships and family, but strength, power, justice, and sovereignty sometimes gets ignored.  This is strange since we believe in a God who is absolutely and completely all powerful.  But things don’t stop there.  The Bible makes it clear that all the power of God is made available to us through the Holy Spirit.  What does this mean for the way we approach everyday life?  What does this mean for our confidence in the way we approach everyday things?

Here’s what normally happens.  We forget, or never realize how much strength we actually receive from God.   But the great news is that we’re given a way to always feel strengthened, always feel encouraged, and always be reminded of the way that God strengthens us in this life.  These things are all done through other people.


  • How do other people remind us of God’s power in this life?  Have you ever experienced this?  Can you share that experience?
  • How does the presence of other Christians help to strengthen us?
  • What does it actually mean to experience God’s strength and power?  How have you experienced this in your life?  Did that experience change you in any way?
  • Have you ever used these experiences to help others?

Read Ecclesiastes 4:10

  • This seems like a very simple lesson, but it’s an important one.  What does this verse really say about the person who falls while alone?  Why is their situation better or worse?
  • We may not live our lives alone, but that doesn’t mean that we never feel alone, or that we have the help we need.  Have you ever felt like you are doing everything yourself?  Have you ever felt as if you have no support?  What is it in your life that you’re doing alone?  What do we do alone?
  • What can we do to find the help we need in these times or situations?  Who can we go to?  How can we me make sure this works?

Read Philippians 2:4

  • Either think about a time, or share with the group a time when you were able to help someone you saw in need?  Physical or emotional.  How did you feel after that experience?
  • If you’re comfortable, share a time in your life when you’ve seen someone you know going through a struggle and you were either unwilling or unable to help them.  How was this different from your other experiences?
  • If we all need other people to help us and give us strength, is it also possible that we need to be able to give others strength?  How does this work?
  • You’ll notice that the passage says to ‘take an interest in others,’ it doesn’t say to take other peoples problems on as your own.  How is this different?  Have you seen this played out in your own life?

Read Hebrews 13:1

We are told to keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters.  The way siblings love each other is by standing beside each other through things most friends won’t consider.  The most encouraging part is the fact that God recognizes that this can be difficult, that’s why he supports us and grants us power to be able to work through it.


1.  First, decide on someone to open and close the prayer time.  The opener can start by giving praise to God for    everything he provides for us.  The closer can ensure that everything is covered

2.  Take some time to take prayer requests from the group.

3.  Make sure to pray for everyone who is participating in CONNECT.

Also, pray for…

– An encouraging spirit to enter the lives of the church.

– A conviction for the need of each other to grow.

– Genuine feelings of connection and support.