I found myself talking with someone and the conversation caused me to ask myself, how big is my love? The person talking to me had experienced relational letdown. This person had been giving to a relationship but not receiving anything in return. After talking with this individual, I could not help but wonder, how much love do I give to people?

Probably most of us love our family and a few close friends but somehow I can imagine Jesus saying, in the vein of Matthew 5:46-47, “Even the unbelievers do that.” It is not big deal to love the people who love you. It is a BIG challenge to enlarge and broaden our sphere of people that we genuinely love and care about. If I only love my family and a few close friends, then my love is too small. True love reaches out and loves everybody and true love draws people in.

Do you feel the same way? Do you think your love needs to expand?

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