“Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.”  Romans 12:10 (NLT)


Today, make it your prayer and goal to honour and love every single person you interact with—at work, at school, at home, or in the community.


  • Praise God for who He is
  • Confess your sinfulness and need for cleansing
  • Allow His Spirit to draw you near
  • Listen as He speaks to you


  • Pray that the Lord will enlarge your heart with His love so that you in turn can genuinely love others.
  • Pray for three people in your life right now who you have troubles loving and honouring.
  • Pray that the Lord will continually impress upon your heart the importance of honouring others above ourselves.


  • Thank God for hearing you.
  • Trust that God is at work to accomplish His will.


  • Matthew 5:43-48


I think I have learned more about the true meaning of “honouring others above ourselves” in the last few years than any other time in my life.  As is often the case, it has not been through instruction – but through life experience.

As many of you know, my Mom has advanced Alzheimer’s disease.  It has been totally heart breaking to watch this disease ravage my mom’s mind and body, reducing her to a mere shadow of who she used to be.

However, this disease has also taught me the true meaning of honouring and loving.  I have had to do things for my Mom in the last year that I never imagined I would have to do.   It started with simpler kinds of things – like having to buy her shoes without shoelaces because she could no longer tie.  And then it started to get emotionally harder…like the day I had to first feed her because she couldn’t remember how to hold her fork.  But then it starting getting really tough…I’ll never forget the day about 6 months ago that I first had to introduce myself to my Mom because she no longer recognized me.  And most recently, after falling and breaking her hip (and getting a hip replacement), she no longer remembers how to walk…and I now push her in a wheelchair.

I have always loved my Mom, but I think the last year has taught me what it means to truly honour someone – to always show them respect and kindness regardless of their state in life…regardless if they understand what you are doing for them or not.  I think that is what it means to honour someone above yourself.

Contributed by:  Kim Lester