We are all excited to be able to spend another summer at Camp Kahquah. Camp is such a beautiful location up north filled with amazing friends and so many opportunities to see God in new and amazing ways. As we get ready to head up to camp on Sunday (June 27th), we are filled with so much excitement and anticipation for the start of another summer promised to be filled with many memories. We are excited to be able to use this blog to keep all of you (our families, friends and church family) up to date with what is happening in our lives at camp and share the memories we will create with you as they happen. Our goal is to update the blog several times a week to keep you up to date with all the crazy and amazing things that are happening in our lives. We hope you will enjoy reading this and feel apart of what is going on at Camp Kahquah this summer.

Here are some quick details about exactly who ‘we’ are:
1) Amanda Burns just finished her grade 11 year at Cameron Heights in their International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Amanda volunteers at Westheights as a Finders Keepers teacher and is a part of the Sr. High youth group. This is only her second year being at Camp Kahquah. Last year she was apart of the Leaders In Training (LIT) program, and is looking forward to using what she learned through that program this year as she is a cabin leader for the four weeks of kids camps in July.
2) Alyssa  Cober has completed her third year at the University of Waterloo majoring in Social Development Studies. Alyssa also volunteers at Westheights as a Finders Keepers teacher and is a Sr. High leader. Camp Kahquah has been apart of her life since she was eight years old attending as a camper. This will be her eighth summer serving on staff. She has filled many roles in the past, but this year she will be the Assistant Waterfront Director for eight weeks of staff training, kids camps and family camp. Camp has been a huge influence on her life and she is looking forward to being able to serve God and others in this manner again.
3) Matt Reist has just completed his grade 12 year at Forest Heights, and is planning to return for a 5th year. At Westheights Matt volunteers as a Jr. High leader and is a part of the Sr. High youth group. He has also been attending Camp Kahquah for many years (since he was 11 to be exact) as a camper and through the two different leadership programs camp offers (CREW and LIT). He had a great experience last summer as an LIT and is looking forward to another amazing summer as a cabin leader for all of the kids camps.

This is everyone from the Westheights Group who have been raising financial support as they volunteer at camp for the summer, and we will be the individuals updating the blog to keep you connected. However, there are other individuals from Westheights who will be up there this summer as well. Tiffany Harding will also be on staff this summer and Matt Cober, Josh Bacvar and Quinn Power will be a part of the LIT programs. Brittany Lester, Jenna Winger and Jasmine Allan-Sferruzzi will be participating in the 2 week CREW program at the end of July. Several other children and youth will be coming up as campers throughout the summer as well. It’s very exciting to have so many individuals from our church involved at camp this summer – another reason it promises to be a great summer.

For those who are planning on supporting us this summer financially and/or through prayer we thank you immensely. It means so much to us knowing that we have the support of our friends, family and church family as we serve God this summer. Those who are supporting us financially we want to thank you and let you know that you have until August 31 to send that support to Camp Kahquah. For those of you who are going to be praying for us this summer we send out a special thank you to you. We know we will face many physical and spiritual obstacles throughout the summer and your prayers will help us overcome those. For now just pray that all the staff arrive safely at camp for our staff training week (June 27th – July 3rd), and that God would unite the staff and prepare us for the work that He would have us do this summer. Thank you all again for all your support!! We love you all so much, and are looking forward to being able to remain connected to you even though we may be physically separated this summer. May you all have a great summer too. Take care and God bless!!