The bad news is that the kids left today. It was sad to say goodbye to these kids that we had built relationships with over the week. Its hard to believe that one of four weeks of kids camp is over – it went by so fast. It was a great week over all. All the kids had a great time and as the director of the week asked the kids on the bus if they were ready to go home, the majority of the kids said no.

We do have one more piece of bad news though. Matt R fell while playing the game last night and hurt his ankle. He spent the night at the nurses cabin to make sure he was ok and then went to the hospital in Huntsville today. I had gone to North Bay with some friends and returned to have Matt update me that he had broken his ankle in 13 places and had to go home tomorrow. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I am only very gullible and Matt has actually only sprained his ankle. So we can pray that 1) Matt’s ankle will heal quickly and he can participate fully in everything this week and 2) that I won’t be so gullible in the future.

Well tomorrow the next batch of children come and the craziness starts all over again. You can pray for this week that it goes as well as last week. Ryan Tyrell and Steff Winger are directing this week. The internet is going to be turned off really soon so I’m going to stop writing this so I can publish this. I’ll write more later. Miss you all!