When Meredith and I first started coming to Westheights, one of the first things we did was join a House Church.  We found that there was no greater way to get to know other people in our church, develop friendships, and get connected with what was going on.  We quickly found that going to House Church wasn’t a chore, or just another thing we had to do that week, but rather it was something we looked forward to because of the people we knew we would be seeing there.

As long as we’ve been here now, even while I’m now on staff, we still find House Church to be an important part of being involved with our church family.

I hope that all of you who have been involved with House Church groups in the past are looking forward to starting up again this fall.  I also hope that some of you will take the leap and try to get involved with either an existing, or a new group.  If you’re interested in joining a House Church, then contact me at:


I’m looking forward to the coming year, and everything that God has planned for us.