By invitation, of course! 

Just a reminder:  During the Worship Service this Sunday (Dec 19, 2010), the SK-Grade 8 kids plan to present 2 songs, alongside the adult Worship Team, so guess what? We’ll need a chance to rehearse with them live. (Thanks for your support, parents–again!)

If your SK-Grade 5 child was involved in leading the Worship Service at Forest Heights Long Term Care Centre on December 5th, and would like to enjoy another experience supporting the adult Worship Team this Sunday, please be sure to bring him/her to the rehearsal at 9:30am this weekend, on Sunday, December 19th. The children have already rehearsed the songs during the months of October and November, but will need to find out where to sit, how to get on and off the stage, and what if feels like to share the stage with the Worship Team.

Grade 3-8 Dowel and Dance Teams, please arrive before 9:30 so that your part of the rehearsal can begin promptly at 9:30am.

Parents, please sign your child in when you arrive, and help him/her to get ready for rehearsal as quickly as possible. (We don’t want to hold up the Worship Team!)

Children who are visiting or who prefer not to participate on stage are invited to sit with us at the front; small group leaders will be there to welcome and supervise them. After the worship set is over, all the children will meet downstairs for their regular large and small-group time.

Please join me in praying for this amazing group of young worship leaders! See you Sunday!