This past Sunday, we received more ideas from the Westheights Church family on the topic of:  “What could we be doing differently this Christmas?”  Sharing these ideas helps inspire and encourage us as we strive together to make this Christmas more meaningful and worshipful.

  1. Instead of purchasing gifts between friends, this year we are purchasing craft supplies for the Nicaragua Missions trip.
  2. Christmas is a time for family. What about those who have no family?  Loneliness is the worst feeling one can have.  Our family has tried each year to invite an individual (friend, co-worker, acquaintance) to our home for Christmas day and include a gift for them under our tree.
  3. It would be a good idea if, through World Vision, the church as a whole (children, youth and adults) pool money to stock an African village with animals ($1200), or drill a well ($2400).  It’s a great feeling to give to the needy and this way all could be involved by just giving up one lunch out.