Many of us have experienced it!  A childhood memory from long ago is triggered by an event years later.

While working here in Leon, Nicaragua this past week or so, there have been many thoughts running through my mind – thoughts about serving God.  As they were tumbling through my brain, a memory of a song I had sung many times as a child stuck with me.  If my memory serves me right (it doesn’t always!) the words of the chorus goes something like this;  “In the service of the King, every talent I will bring.  I have peace and joy and blessing in the service of the King.”

Nostalgic childhood memories flooded in.  But more than that, as I meditated on those words and my experiences so far on this missions trip, I realized that I was living that song!


We have shoveled, mixed, poured, lifted, cut, nailed, carried, fastened, painted, cleaned, (take a breath) organized, lead, instructed, told stories, gave sermons, translated, sang, played guitar, played games, etc.  Are all of these talents?  You bet they are!  And all of them were needed to complete the task to which we were called these two weeks.  You see, God (the King) will use any and all talents offered to Him in His service.  No talent is insignificant! You might want to serve God in some way but are hesitant because you are not sure what you could do.  Let me assure you that if you are willing to offer God your talents, He will use them.

Peace and joy and blessing – what a combination!  This describes my experience to a tee and I am confident most of us can attest to this.

Since deciding to accompany my daughter, Jenna, on this trip (she was the motivator!) I have never doubted that this is what God would have me doing at this particular time.  In spite of all the uncertainties of coming to a country like this with a teenage daughter, God had made it clear that all would be well.  I was able to rest in His peace.

Jenna and Cathy

Serving here has really been a joy!  Knowing that my act of service is helping my Christian brothers and sisters here in Leon in a very practical way gives me joy!  Don’t get me wrong – the work has been dirty, sweaty and physically strenuous.  We are beat at the end of the day!  But we are happy!  We can see how our work is encouraging the people of this congregation.

And I have been blessed!  What a blessing it is to watch your children mature in their faith and walk on obedience to God’s calling on their lives!  What a blessing it is to laugh and sweat with a Nicaraguan brother and begin a new relationship in spite of our language barrier.  And what a blessing it is to worship our God together.