Now you can set the background wallpaper of your PC, Mac, Laptop, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. with the cool, high definition “Living Red” graphics! Just download one of the below images and set it as your background. More details can be found under the below links.

Download Your “Living Red” Image

  • Wide-screen Desktops (PC, Mac, Laptop, Notebook) – Size 1920 x 1080: Download
  • Regular Desktops (PC, Mac, Laptop, Notebook) – Size 1280 x 800: Download
  • Tablets (iPad, etc.) – Size 768 x 1024: Download
  • Small Devices (iPhone, Blackberry, iPod, etc.) – Size 480 x 980: Download

These high-resolution images may take a few moments to download.



Download one of the above Desktop images to your desktop (click the above “Download” link). Some desktops/laptops will display the downloaded image in a pop-up window where you can just right-click and select the “Set as Background” option. This is the easiest way.

Other systems will require you to download the image to your Desktop or other folder, and then to double-click on it before setting it as your background. Each system is different, and where to find the “Set” command varies for different desktops. For example, if you are using IrfanView to view images on your desktop, then after double-clicking on the image, you would select Options drop-down menu and click the “Set as Wallpaper” option. If you have set the background wallpaper previously on your desktop/laptop, this can be done the same way.

iPhones/iPads/iPods (iOS)
  1. To save the image, tap and hold your finger on the image in the page.
  2. Select the option “Save Image” (you might have to select “Open” first)
  3. Go to the Settings app
  4. Tap Wallpaper
  5. Tap Camera Roll
  6. Find the image you saved (it should be right at the bottom), tap it and then hit Set. You’re done!

If you have a difference device, please add the instructions for it in the Comments below, so that others can use them.

Thanks to Tom Fenske for creating these high definition Living Red wallpaper images.