You’re invited! On Good Friday at 10:30am, please join the Westheights family as we remember our Lord’s death and celebrate how it changed everything…This year, we’re inviting families to participate in the service together!

It’s important for children to have the opportunity to worship alongside their parents and family members—and to see their grown-ups participating in worship within a larger community. Seeing and hearing you in worship, and worshipping alongside you, sends them a powerful message: “I am a worshipper, and I belong to a family/community of worshippers!”

Although geared primarily for our teens and adults, we’ll make sure that the content and graphics of every part of the service are child-appropriate.

This service will also be a Communion Service—something brand-new for many kids—so we would encourage you to take a look at the PDF attached to this post (called “Communion for Kids 101”), and perhaps even try Family Communion at home BEFORE you arrive on Good Friday. That way, if you plan to have your children participate in Communion, you’ll have a good grasp of their understanding of it, and they’ll be more able to appreciate it as a meaningful and personal experience.

If you don’t feel they’re ready to participate, please let them know that it’s the right thing to “pass” on it, and help them to understand what the Lord’s Supper means. Your enthusiasm for this special event will rub off, so help them to anticipate watching Mom, Dad, and others they know participate, and honour their curiosity by answering all their questions—even if you have to whisper the answers in the middle of the service! When was the last time your child saw you taking part in Communion? What a meaningful moment to share.

Let’s make it count in their lives! See you there!
P.S. A few activity sheets will be provided for children in SK-Grade 5. Wise is the parent who holds onto them until the speaker begins. 🙂

Click here to download a PDF copy of “Communion for Kids 101”: