These are the May 2011 additions to our church library.


The Hole In Our Gospel, by Richard Stearns (Call #248.4). Todd referenced this book during Living Red and wrote the following blog entry: “Richard Stearns’ book, The Hole In Our Gospel, has become the favourite book I have read in the last year. I wish I had read it earlier. I encourage you to read it too … as soon as possible.” Bono, leader singer of the rock band U2, wrote: “[Stearns’] form of worship is to be the eyes of the blind and the feet of the lame. Rich Stearns is much more than a powerful voice in the fight against AIDS and extreme poverty; he is an action hero.”

No Turning Back, by Carolyn Kimmel (Call #920.77). Brethren in Christ World Missions begins. Turn back the pages of time as the letters, thoughts and lives of the first BIC missionaries speak boldly to all who come behind. Through words, allow them to live again. Journey with them and awaken faith that steps out to where there is no turning back.

Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger (261.1), by Ron Sider

Irresistible Revolution (261.1), by Shane Claibourne

Red Letters, Living A Faith That Bleeds (261.1), by Tom Davis

Red Letter Christians (277), by Tony Campolo

One Year With Jesus (242), by James Davey


The Brotherhood, 1st in the Precinct 11 Series, by Jerry Jenkins. Boone Drake has it made. A young cop rising through the ranks of the Chicago Police Department, he has a beautiful wife and young son, a nice starter house, a great partner, and a career plan that should land him in the organized Crime Division within five years—the reason he wanted to be a cop in the first place. Everything is going right, until everything goes horribly wrong.

Fatal Judgment, Guardians of Justice Series, by Irene Hannon. U.S. Marshal Jake Taylor has seen plenty of action during his years in law enforcement. But he’d rather go back to Iraq than face his next assignment: protection detail for federal judge Liz Michaels. His feelings toward Liz haven’t warmed in the five years since she lost her husband—and Jake’s best friend—to possible suicide. How can Jake be expected to care for the workaholic who drove his friend to despair?

Springtime of the Spirit, Great War Series, by Maureen Lang. By the fall of 1918, the Great War has ended and the world is at peace, but there is little to celebrate in Germany. So when family friends ask Christophe Brecht to travel to Munich to bring back their runaway daughter, Christophe agrees. But Annaliese Duray, he discovers, is on the front lines of the city’s political scene, fighting to give women and working-class citizens a voice in Germany’s new government.

His Other Wife, by Deborah Bedford. Based loosely on the Old Testament account of Hannah, this tale will appeal to readers drawn to genuine women whose circumstances and faith push them in directions they never thought possible. By candidly unveiling the difficulties found within blended families, Bedford skilfully guides readers on a path to healing through the struggles, doubts, and faith of a woman determined to learn what it means to truly love her son.

Rooms, by James L. Rubart. A suspenseful tale in the vein of Ted Dekker’s House, in which inexplicable happenings take over and direct a character’s life. Twenty-five-year-old Micah Taylor receives a mysterious letter from a great-uncle he never knew informing him of a home built for him by said uncle. With only a handful of letters as his guide, Micah tries to summon up the courage to face old wounds that somehow are connected to various rooms in the house. Also read Rubart’s Book of Days.

The Amish Midwife, 1st in the Women of Lancaster County Series, by Mindy Starns Clark. A dusty carved box containing two locks of hair and a century-old letter regarding property in Switzerland, and a burning desire to learn about her biological family lead nurse-midwife Lexie Jaeger from her home in Oregon to the heart of Pennsylvania Amish country. There she meets Marta Bayer, a mysterious lay-midwife who desperately needs help after an Amish client and her baby die.

In Every Heartbeat, by Kim Vogel Sawyer. As three friends who grew up in the same orphanage head off to college together, they each harbour a cherished dream. Libby wishes to become a famous journalist, Pete plans to study to become a minister, and Bennett wants to join a fraternity and have as much fun as possible. But as tensions rise around the world on the brink of World War I, the friends’ differing aspirations and opinions begin to divide them, as well.

Bound by Guilt, by C.J. Darlington. 16-year-old Roxi can only dream of what being a part of a real family would feel like, after being shuffled through the foster care system to end up living with a thieving family. Through a tragic set of events, her path is intertwined with that of Abby Dawson, a divorced cop desperately trying to reconnect with her daughter. Darlington’s latest provides a solid page-turner that intrigues readers interested in rare books and fans of inspirational crime fiction.

Vicious Cycle, Intervention Series, by Terri Blackstock. When fifteen-year-old Lance Covington finds an abandoned baby in the backseat of a car, he knows she’s the newborn daughter of a meth addict he’s been trying to help. But when police arrest him for kidnapping, Lance is thrust into a criminal world of baby trafficking and drug abuse.

Hearts Aglow, by Tracie Peterson

The Judgment, by Beverly Lewis

The Search, by Suzanne Woods Fisher

False Pretenses, by Kathy Herman

Mysteries of Middlefield Series, by Kathleen Fuller

Love Finds You in Lahaina Hawaii, by Brodie Thoene

Mine is the Night, by Liz Curtis Higgs

Whisper on the Wind, Great War Series, by Maureen Lang