Yes, the summer is almost upon us…Yay! I’m thanking God for the upcoming change of pace; it will be busy, but in a different way, which is very welcome right about now!
I’m trusting you and yours feel the same way, as do our On Your Mark! leaders…Many of them are looking forward to a break from their roles in our Preschool through Grade 5 programs. I’m a huge believer in “getting away”–as hard as that is to do, for sure!–to refresh, and for some time to refocus and re-energize. Most significantly, the change in routine and rhythm of “rest” helps us to hear from God in different and more dynamic ways…

So I’m calling on you, Westheights, to ask for your support through our summer months…Our On Your Mark! kids will be divided into 2 groups (Preschool-SK and Grades 1-5). We have some great summer activities and teaching lined up, as we want to make the most of another exciting season. But our skeleton crew of experienced leaders will need your assistance–with helping little folks to complete weekly crafts/activities to reinforce what it means to “Follow God,” and/or with supervising older children as we work through the Ten Commandments like never before! It’s a No Prep volunteer opportunity…And a great chance to get in on what’s happening at On Your Mark! on Sundays.

Would you consider helping for one, two or more Sundays this summer? Unless you’ve already completed it, you’ll need to go through a quick screening process, and can let me know which Sunday(s) you’re available. Summer Sundays run from 10:30 to 11:30 only, for all ages.

I’m always excited about Summer Sundays, as I get to do what I LOVE: teach! I look forward to working alongside many of you, as we make this summer a time of special growth and connection for our On Your Mark! kids.

If you would like to help out, you can contact me at 519.741.1986 x803 or