Saturday, April 14, 2012 – Congratulations to our team of Sr Highs who survived a tough morning of bible quizzing competition, and came out smiling! Our Westheights Bible Quizzing Team (whose official team name is yet to be decided, although there’s some support behind the name Westheights Watermelon Heads) consisted of six Westheights youth who studied three books of the Bible (Ruth, Amos, Jonah) for several months in order to compete against 12 other teams at the Mennonite Church Eastern Canada competition. Unfortunately, one of our team members (Caitlin Brenneman) could not attend the big day due to sickness; she was well missed.

In their first foray into the world of Bible quizzing, our youth had great fortitude as they adjusted to the grueling competition against seasoned competitors. Although Westheights didn’t make it into the finals, next year they plan to: 1) be less afraid to challenge the judges on questionable decisions; 2) study and memorize the book of Mark; 3) think through practical applications of the teachings in Mark; 4) make intelligible noises within the first five seconds so they won’t time out; 5) play more video games in order to improve their buzzer-pushing speed!

Congratulations to team members: Josh Bacvar, Jared Lee, Kiana Lee, Christina Main, Jordanne Zane. They studied hard, kept their heads up through a nerve-wracking morning of competition, and never gave up. And many, many thanks to Shane Gallian for helping our youth to prepare for this fun and exciting event! Shane has put in many hours of preparing and coaching, and we are fortunate to have such an experienced Bible quizzer to coach our team! Thanks also to the fans who came to support the team. Hopefully we’ll see a bigger cheerleading section next year!