Week 1 Letters – James (March 2)


Now here is a challenging message! Hope you left some room in your Prayer Journal for more challenges… you may have to find more space for your writing when you are reading this letter! In Galatians and Colossians, Paul wrote to people who needed a clearer understanding of grace. He needed to confirm with his readers, that there was nothing any of us could do to earn our place in heaven. Now at the other extreme we have the audience of James, who were taking grace for granted. Some people were thinking that if they were already “saved” and doing good had nothing to do with it, then why bother with good deeds at all.

James has much to say about that! James asserts that real faith works itself out in your lifestyle.


Read James. This letter is loaded with challenges applicable to our daily lives! If your Prayer Journal already has enough challenges listed for the week, consider filing a few from this letter away for the future. Maybe go back to them after our Spiritual Adventure has come to a close.