Week 4 Poetry – A Poem by David (March 13)


Read Psalm 55

In this Psalm David speaks of many fearful and overwhelming problems, but the worst of all is a close friend who has betrayed him.


Cindy Jantzi contributed this verse, “Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall” (verse 22). Cindy wrote, “This verse has meant a lot to me since I had mono in University which caused me to miss half a term and final exams. I questioned why God would allow this to happen to me and continue to the point of missing exams. I questioned if I was to stay in school. If this was what God intended for me or if this was His way of redirecting my life. Then I found this verse. It has become my mantra during stressful times. If I believe, God will take care of me – what a relief!”

1. Is there something overwhelming in your life right now? Something that causes you fear, or a person who has wronged you? How can you apply verse 22 to this situation?

2. Refer to your Prayer Journal.