“Have you ever been in a restaurant and your companion tells you something interesting? You grab the paper serviette, ask for a pen, jot the idea down, tear off the note, stuff it in your pocket. Several days – even months – go by, and the subject comes up. You want to add your ‘found’ wisdom… uh?!! Where did that piece of serviette go?

“YES! Carry a small note pad… (put it in your car) and jot down ideas, info, observations. REMEMBER!.. write the date, year, time, place, source to your note. Sure helps to rethink & recover.

“Have fun!”

– Meg Slater

More journalling tips from Meg to come… Stay tuned! Interested in getting together with a small group to learn more? Or one on one with Meg over coffee? Contact her and make this valuable spiritual discipline part of your life.