We’re almost there, Westheights Kids Teams, and friends who’ve joined us on the Scripture Memory Challenge! Let’s go for a strong finish: only a few more chances to jump in!

It’s been heartwarming to hear of the passages you’re all working on, on your own, with your small groups, or with SMC partners, because I know firsthand how meditating on Scripture has the power to sink truth deep into our lives; how it enables us to see more layers; how it can become a means through which we can hear the voice of the Shepherd…

I review my verses whenever I can, but that often means only about once a week, or at the most, twice…I always start at the beginning though, and try to go through them all, which means that many of them are starting to stick—finally! There are a few that seem fuzzy, so I just keep reviewing, hoping one of the many remote, unused parts of my brain will pick them up eventually…Somewhere, there’s an optimist who believes in me!

This month’s first verse is an easy one…I purposed to look for one that I could use in worship—one that reflects how I feel about this “friend of mine” who is mind-bogglingly also “the One who reigns forever.” And then I read this single verse, which seemed to say it all…The psalmist David wrote it as a prayer of love, thanksgiving and worship. How startling and comforting to think that we can pray as the ancients did, perhaps even along with them, by praying Scripture!

So here is the first of my my official posts for the month of May:

Charlene Neuman

I love you, O LORD, my strength.

Psalm 18:1 (NIV)


Your turn! Join the May Scripture Memory Challenge–even if you’re not on a Westheights Kids Team…It’s never too late! As a way of nudging each other on, post your verse, or verses, in the Comment Section below. Include your name (if you’d like) your verse, the reference and translation. (See the format I used above.) Post a single verse, one a month, or more! Participation is the goal…. For more info on the what and why of this adventure, click here.