This is a great time to be cycling outside in the fresh air.

Even if you haven’t joined us in the summer, you are welcome to ride with us this fall.

SPECIAL NOTE: We are trying something very special for the Sep 15th ride (including refreshments!) … see below:

  • Sunday, September 8th at 3pm, starting at RIM Park and going south along neighbourhood trails to the Grand River. See the Sep 8th ride detail page for the exact starting location.
  • Cycling Camb_Paris IMG_5112_crop_200x203Sunday, September 15th at 3pm is a SPECIAL, longer than usual dual ride which will have a “shorter” ride of 18km and a longer ride of 36km, with both rides starting together. The shorter ride group will turnaround at the 9km rest stop and the longer ride group will continue on to Paris before turning around. You can go with either the 18km or 36km ride group. In addition, drinking water and fruit will be provided at the 9km rest stop – A NEW FEATURE WITH THIS RIDE ONLY! (thanks Mini)  This is a very nice shaded ride through the woods along the “Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail” beside the Grand River. Todd & Kim Lester and Ruth Anne Hamel will be leading the longer 36km group. Doug Braun will be leading the shorter 18km group. Both groups start and ride together for the first 9km. (Sep 15th ride detail page)
  • Sunday, September 29th at 3pm will be a relaxing shaded 13km ride along the Speed River and through two conservation areas, starting at Riverside Park in Cambridge.

If you have a bike and a way to get it to and from the starting location, please join us. If you haven’t yet signed a cycling safety waiver, we will have blank forms you can sign at the starting location.

Hope you can join us for many of these rides! 🙂