Begins Tuesday, October 1.

FallWendy Stirbet says: How do you build a friendship? How does that friendship grow stronger and stronger? When I first meet someone, I spend time in simple conversation. I talk about the weather, work and families. As I get to know people better, I start to talk about thoughts, opinions and feelings. Often, bridging that gap between mere acquaintances and a good friend usually involves spending time doing things together and talking together.

God wants to be my friend – my deepest closest friend. In John 15:15, Jesus says that we are no longer called servants, but friends and that he wants to share with us what the Father has revealed to him. There is nothing wrong with approaching God when we need help. Philippians 4:6 instructs us to present our requests to God with thanksgiving. However, it often feels like when I talk with God, I end up reading to Him a list of names or requests. None of my friends would consider me a great friend if I would call them up regularly saying, “Hi, here is my ‘To Do’ list for you … Bye.”. Yet, it seems that I often approach God that way. God would like to have a conversation with me rather than just listen to my list of requests. It is through conversations with God and listening to His words that my friendship with God grows deeper.

Learning to hear God speaking, and holding a conversation with God is like learning to read. Some children pick it up quick and some learn step by slow step with lots of mistakes in between. We will spend some time learning the practice of holding a conversation with God as we listen and pray for each other, the church and our community.

The prayer team will meet weekly starting Tuesday October 1 at 7:30. We will be meeting in the portable. Drop in any Tuesday evening.