I’m so thankful for each person who shares of their time and talents in our worship ministry.  During Greater Things I am sharing testimonies from a few of them about how being involved in the worship ministry has had a positive impact on their lives.  Being involved on the worship team does not just mean being a musician on the platform.  Our dedicated sound techs are a critical part of the team as well.  Listen to the following from Chris McElroy about serving in this way:

Chris McElroy 1I have been attending Westheights for about 6 years now.  I really enjoy our Church.  I think house church is so important to connect on a more intimate level and to develop closer relationships with other believers.  Pastor Todd is an awesome preacher and I get so much from his very practical sermons.  I have been touched with the outreach ministries to our local community as well.  It is an active and living Church.  I decided about 5 years ago to do something practical in the Church body.  I love music and I decided to try out the sound mixing for the worship team.  I really enjoy this ministry.  It matches my passion for music and the ability to bring out the very best sound mix from our fantastic worship team is so rewarding.  It is a lot of work and takes extreme attention to detail and it takes an inner feel for the sound which I know God has placed within me!  I’m nervous every time I’m behind the sound board but if I have prayed for the Spirit’s leading beforehand and pray for each member of the worship team I often get it right and I just know that God is pleased with my efforts and I can feel his pleasure within me.  This ministry has enabled me to be active and involved with such talented people on the worship team, sound team and projection team.  Our Church is so blessed with such talented and special people.  Getting involved in a ministry has enabled me to develop closer relationships with more people in the Church that wouldn’t otherwise be possible and this makes me feel more at home at Westheights and it helps me to feel that I belong!