During Greater Things I have been sharing testimonies from members of our worship team.  They have shared how being a part of this ministry has had a positive impact on their lives.  I believe that music is a gift that God gives us as an avenue to connect our hearts with His.  I hear that being expressed in the following testimony from Kate Lavender.  I trust this will encourage you today as you think about the ways that God prompts you to step out in faith as well …

Kate Lavender“Recently, I reflected to a friend that it’s been nearly two years since I joined the Westheights worship team.

‘Two years?’ she asked, surprised. ‘You and Jesus have been tight for that long? Wow, time flies.’

Time does fly, and it’s so neat to me to think about how when I first joined the team, all I could think about up on stage was, what if I sound terrible, what if I look like a fool, what if I trip on something and fall over on the stage? It took a long time to gain confidence and feel more comfortable, but now when I go up on that stage, I think about how this is a really cool way for me to serve God and connect with others. It doesn’t matter if I don’t sound like Julie Andrews; going up there and singing is a huge step in faith for me, and that’s what’s important. 

Being a part of the worship team has helped me tremendously in my faith journey. There’s something about music that transcends all other forms of communication – when I’m fumbling over my words in prayer and can’t come up with anything eloquent, or during the times where there simply aren’t any words, there is always a song that can say it for me, and I often find myself reaching out to God through music. It was the music at Westheights that brought me close to God in the first place, and it still does today – something I’m grateful for every day.”