So I know that I have mentioned that I do not do the whole New Year’s resolution thing, but…. I lied (kinda). I did make one resolution this year for myself and for my kids:  to do better with daily devotions. This is easier said than done as finding the time to integrate this into your daily routine is difficult. This is where making modern technology work for you comes into play!

Child and Bible

I personally have two devotionals that come into my e-mail inbox on a daily basis. This makes things extremely easy as I can do my devotions wherever I have my phone. Just don’t take this too far; I am not suggesting you do devotions while driving on the 401! My cell phone travels with me regularly and I have done devotions while waiting in the doctor’s office or standing in line at the grocery store. Now don’t get me wrong here, nothing is better than having a quiet place and time away from everyone and distractions to sit and focus but that is not always possible so instead of not doing devotions at all, I will squeeze it in at every opportunity.

Here are the two devotions that I mentioned earlier.

Proverbs 31 is a ministry that focuses on women and our specific needs. The Proverbs 31 website also has online Bible studies and a great bookstore. Check out the website and while you are there, sign up for the daily devotional e-mails.

Daily Hope with Rick Warren is the second devotional I have delivered to my inbox. I have enjoyed reading books of Pastor Warren’s over the years and for the last year or so I have enjoyed the devotions. I have often found that these messages have been so relevant to my life and I admire how Pastor Warren has dealt with his life in the media as a Christian (and of course under a microscope). He also has a radio show, not to mention 1.3 million Twitter followers!

I started doing regular devotions with my children last year. I have done devotions with my children prior to this but not on a regular basis. We do this during breakfast time (as long as they get down to the breakfast table early enough!) The book I use is a set of one page devotions for children; its sixth printing was last done in 1961and I often have to explain to my kids the meanings of words such as “urchin”! It has seen its time so on to something a little more current. In my search I have found the following:

Keys for Kids is a great online tool that also offers an App available for download. You can either read the devotion, which is in a story format, or have your kids listen to the narrator. There is a “How about You” section that has several questions you can ask your kids so that you can have an involved discussion with them. Check it out.

Truth for Kids is another great online devotional that also includes an App to download onto your smart devices! A great feature with this website is that you get the entire month of devotions up front so if you want to do two in a day you could. If you follow along regularly you will have covered the entire bible in one year! Two other interesting features are a printable journal page for your kid(s) and a 10 page summary to give your kids the “BIG PICTURE” of the Bible. is a great website for teens. As a mother of a teenager I realize that Christianity is not typically looked at as cool (…I mean ill or tight). This site puts the cool factor into Christianity! Not only is there a section where you can choose a daily devotion, but there is a ton of information regarding modern day issues that teens are dealing with, music, videos…etc. Try to get your teen to check it out (I did say try).

So yes, I did tell a lie, but I have admitted it, so let’s move on. I believe that a good resolution is to resolve to explore the Word a little bit more and discover new things in the Bible this year on your own or with your family! Check out the websites above, download an App or two, subscribe to the e-mails, or maybe check out many of the other devotions online. Let me know if you find any other interesting ones.

Until next time

Lisa Coates-Cameron