arms out


We often think of prayer as a still activity where we sit still waiting for God to speak to us. However, many of the great contemplative men and women of history have found movement vital to their spiritual health. The word pilgrim literally means “walks from afar.” By activating our bodies, even gently, we can focus in ways that sitting still can sometimes make difficult.


  1. Find a quiet route that you can walk in 10-20 minutes. The distance doesn’t matter but it’s helpful to give yourself enough time to break away from your usual stresses, concerns and thoughts.
  2. Before you leave, read the Daily Scripture as material to think about as you walk. Read it through slowly one or two times.
  3. As you walk, observe your surroundings. Contemplate how what you see speaks to you – how it makes you feel, what it makes you think about, or how it inspires you.
  4. Think about your destination, the point in your walk where you turn and head for home. Try and place this “turning point” at a significant spot. A tree, statue, or just an interesting view will help solidify this in your mind.
  5. Take photos or notes of what you engage with, that you can return to so you can be reminded of your moments.


This week’s Scripture describes the Exodus account, when the Israelites left Egypt. This story was central to the Jewish identity, which was retold every year as part of the Passover. The Passover is the backdrop and context of Jesus’ last week of ministry, prior to His crucifixion.


Monday – Exodus 12:31-42

Tuesday – Exodus 12:43-50

Wednesday – Exodus 13:17-22

Thursday – Exodus 14:15-31

Friday – Exodus 15:1-8

Saturday – Exodus 15:22-27


Crazy Games:

Outdoor gameHopefully the weather will be warm, but even if it isn’t – it’s time to get outside and have some fun. After a long time inside, it can be easy to simply hang out in front of the TV and miss out on the awesome experiences you can have outside! Try some of these crazy games, or play a sport you love. God gave us bodies for a reason – time to use them! Invite some friends over, call your neighbours, and get playing!

Here are some ideas for some “crazy games”; it’s up to you to decide what they mean and how to play them!

Football“Physical Games”:

  • Human Foosball
  • Capture the Flag
  • Frolf (Frisbee Golf)
  • Egg Tower
  • Freeze Tag
  • Crab Football

Playdough Play“Mental Games”:

  • Pictionary
  • Bananagrams
  • Extreme Scrabble


Try to combine your games day with a community BBQ (weather permitting). Try and invite people from the neighbourhood to join in!