Start with an amazing team of organizers, pray for a dry and sunny day, ensure there’s a slight breeze to discourage mosquitoes, set up plenty of tables that can handle mounds of delicious food, husk dozens of cobs of corn, and invite a bunch of friendly (hungry) folks. We had an early start time for our meal this year which gave even the youngest ones enough time to play and then return home for a decent bedtime. And did I mention no mosquitoes? First time I’ve ever escaped a corn roast without a bevy of bites; I didn’t even have a chance to test my newfangled Off mosquito repellent clip-on fan!

Many thanks to Jen, Chris, Cindy, and Jason for their sacrifice of time, energy and labour while planning this event. Even their children were conscripted to help. The Buhrows pitched in on the day of the corn roast and we appreciated Randy’s friendly greeting and guidance as parking attendant.

To the many generous donors of baked goods, we thank you for your delicious treats. The funds received are invested and the interest, and a portion of the donations, are used for the following year’s assistance.