MCC is always looking for people to join their work of serving others in the name of Christ. There are currently several job openings at Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) in Kitchener including: Receptionist/Office Assistant, Computer Support Assistant, Associate Thrift Development Officer, and Administrative Services Manager.

The ministries of MCC are performed in the name of Christ, arising in response to human need and the call to Christian discipleship.  The program uses personnel with a wide variety of skills, backgrounds and levels of education and maturity.  MCC hopes that both personnel and program can serve as channels for healing and reconciliation in a broken and divided world. MCC personnel serve in a diversity of cultures around the world, with a myriad of interpretations of appropriate Christian lifestyles. MCC personnel are expected to model respect and love for others even in the face of contradictory expectations.

Click here to read more about job openings in the MCC Ontario Kitchener office, or to apply.