You’ve asked for it. You’ve waited. And it’s finally happening. We’re off to Wonderland!

On Friday, August 12th, both our Jr. and Sr. High students are invited to join us for a thrilling day full of rides, slides, and funnel cakes. Bring your friends and enjoy spending the day in the sun daring each other to go Leviathan one more time.

Tickets are $50 and cover your entry to park for the day and transportation. We’ll be driving down and are looking for parents who want to join in with the Jr. and Sr. High leaders in helping have a ton of fun that day.

Last last day to buy tickets is Sunday August 7th. You must be a ticket ahead of time. Cost for those of you with seasons passes is $10. Please find or contact Tom ( to buy your tickets. Drop off is at Westheights at 8:30AM and pick up will be at 7:30PM.