Hi everybody, Brenda here! We are collecting donations for our friend Daryl Lainson to help to pay for repair of his bike. You have seen him at Westheights. He always sits on the left side of the sanctuary.

Daryl’s customized bike, that he had believed safely locked to his porch in Kitchener, was stolen. It wasn’t just any bike, but one which was highly specialized to allow him, a man with a disability, to not only increase his mobility and level of activity, but to enjoy spending recreational family time with his wife and daughter doing things those without mobility issues can happily take for granted. The story was featured on our local news (link below). This is an assistive device that was both costly and customized to his needs, and thus not easily replaceable.

Through a very odd set of circumstances a young guy was able to track down the bike but it had been stripped down to bare bones. However, Daryl believes he has enough to rebuild over the winter.

We would like to help Daryl by raising $500.00 for his repairs.

You can help by donating at: http://handcyclefundraiser.weebly.com/

If you make a minimum donation of $5.00, you have a chance to win tickets for dinner for two at Swiss Chalet.

To donate go to … http://handcyclefundraiser.weebly.com/ or contact me.

Feature Photo Credit: Piggybank by Freepik