As the First Nations peoples of this land have done here for many years, we join in giving thanks for the bountiful harvest and the food that we receive on a daily basis.

As well, we join with the early settlers who gave thanks for peace in this land so that we can live freely here in Canada.

We give thanks that the Aldass family is here with us and settling here in Kitchener — to make a new home among us.

We give thanks for all the newcomers that have made their way to Ontario as we believe that our community is healthier and stronger when we are diverse and welcome newcomers to live among us.

We join with Mennonite Central Committee and all the private sponsorship groups like ours across the province that have helped to welcome close to 700 people who are now able to live safely here in Ontario.

We are thankful for the recent tremendous outpouring of support and generosity from Canadians across this country and for the opportunity to have been a part of this. This has been a momentous time and we are thankful that so many hurdles were overcome to make this our new reality. May the creativity and passion that made this happen locally and across the country continue to abound so that refugee newcomers are truly able to integrate and make Canada their home.

Our God – we continue to pray for peace in Syria and in the other places around the world where wars continue to cause much hurt, pain and suffering. We pray for those who continue to be caught living in these unsafe places. We pray for the family and friends of the Aldass family and we ask that you keep them safe and provide for their needs.

Like the ripples that come from a stone thrown into the water – may the peace, love and thanksgiving that is here today grow outwards from our homes and Westheights Church to bless and influence our community and the broader world.


Adapted from the MCC Thanksgiving Celebration Resource