UPDATED! We appreciate the ongoing support of so many people who contribute to the ministry of Westheights. There is much to be grateful for as a congregation and as a Church Board we feel it is our responsibility to keep the congregation up-to-date on the financial needs of our church, especially when we are short of our budget.

This year up to December 4th we have received $343,346 in our General Fund. Thank you. Our budget for the whole year is $416,879 to cover our expenses and ministry costs, which includes $50,000 of debt reduction towards our Greater Things mortgage.

The overall picture for Greater Things is very positive. When considering all giving starting from 2013, we have already received our pledged target of $600,000 to Greater Things.

We so appreciate your contributions to support the ministries here at Westheights. Please ask God and consider what you may be able to give over and above your normal giving, or as a one time gift. We know that God will continue to bless our ministries and congregation.

If you have any questions, contact Paul Slater at treasurer@westheights.org.

PS: Please note that there will be no Sunday service on December 25th (Christmas Day), therefore there are only two offerings remaining this year (Dec 11th and 18th).

PPS: This blog post is a repeat and clarification of the original post published on December 5, 2016.