We have some eagle eyes in our congregation and fortunately, one pair of particularly sharp eyes caught an error in the financial statements at the back of our 2016 Annual Report which we just distributed in preparation for our upcoming AGM on Sunday, March 26 at 6:00 pm.

As a result, two corrections have been made to the 2016 Financial Statements in the back of our AGM Annual Report. If you haven’t yet picked up your Annual Report, you can find copies by our mail files; updated Financial Statements have been inserted in them. If you’ve already picked up a hard copy of the Annual Report, you can find reprints of just the Revised Financial Statements, also by the mail files.

To download the complete AGM Annual Report with the revised Financial Statements, click here.

To download only the revised Financial Statements, click here.

The Financial Statement revisions have been circled for reference:

1. A correction was made to the 2016 Total Liabilities sub-total on the Balance Sheet and to subsequent accumulating totals thereafter. Previously, the 2015 amount had been incorrectly stated in the 2016 column.

2. On the Receipts and Disbursements page under the Syrian Settlement Fund, the bank transfer disbursements to fund this project were previously incorrectly labelled as expenses whereas they were actually transfers to the project’s bank account to fund the project activities. This section is now labelled as Disbursements on the revised page. Refer to the project’s own report for the actual project expenses.

We apologize for any inconvenience.