Our calendars get crowded, don’t they? All good things, or mostly anyway. And if you’re like me, I’m reluctant to put another thing on it. I love being home. I know I need my down time. But here I am, asking you to reserve an hour or so on a Sunday night to come and be a part of our Worship Night. Why would I ask you to put yet another thing on your crazy calendar?

Because it’s my prayer that this will be a time out for you. That you’ll feel lighter when you leave than when you arrived. That you’ll experience the presence of God in a renewing way. That the greatness of God will put all of life into perspective and energize you to walk back into all that life holds.

We’ve got an incredible team of musicians preparing for this annual Worship Night. This event is open to everyone at all ages and stages of life. Parents, bring your kids. It’s a great opportunity for families to worship together. (Note that no childcare is provided.)

So come take a time out with us. Let’s lay everything else aside for an evening and connect with our Maker.  It’s in those sacred moments that we are renewed.

Sunday April 30 at 6:30pm

We’ll be singing some songs you know and some you don’t. You can listen to the songs ahead of time on YouTube or Spotify.