We are often thinking about our physical health – what we should (or shouldn’t!) eat, how we should exercise, the importance of good sleeping patterns and so on. But how often do we spend time examining our brain health? Do we even know the kinds of things that affect our brain health? What if we could learn some new skills that would improve our brain health?

Women, this year we’re returning to the beautiful Woodhouse Retreat Centre at Hidden Acres for a 24-hour retreat in order to relax, connect, and grow in our walks with God. And we will be focusing on improving our brain health.

In this 24 hour retreat come spend time with other women and explore how we can all improve our brain health, and how our brain health impacts every area of our life. Based on the biblical teaching of Dr. Carolyn Leaf we will gain fabulous insights about how God made our brains, and will come away with practical strategies that will help us:

  • Identify areas where we are “stuck”
  • Support those around us who are struggling
  • Build new healthy thought patterns
  • Take control of obsessive and anxious thoughts
  • Turn our negative thinking into more positive thinking
  • Discover the power of gratitude
  • Connect deeper through worship and meditation

By controlling the direction of your mind, you control the direction of your life.

Theme verse: Roman 12:1-2 – “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Enjoy opportunities to get to know other women as we spend time in large groups and small groups, laugh together, experience times of worship….and of course delight in food prepared by someone else. What a great time of bonding at Hidden Acres Retreat Centre from Friday, May 12 to Saturday, May 13.

Deadline for registration is Sunday, April 30.

To download the brochure