Once in awhile we trip upon books that are really relevant to the Sunday message and we’d like to feature them and encourage you to check them out. These books can be taken out from our Westheights Resource Centre which has a great collection of non-fiction and fiction books, as well as family-friendly DVDs.

Where do we turn for peace in this angry world? That was the topic at Jubilee Sunday and we have four book recommendations for you:

  • Surviving In An Angry World: Finding Your Way to Personal Peace by Charles F. Stanley – Some days it seems as if a spirit of anger is permeating the entire world. News stories of violence, road rage, and intentional discord fill the airwaves. If that were not enough, our families are also being torn apart by unresolved conflicts. Dr. Stanley helps you identify the source of anger that either you or those you know are experiencing and teaches you the biblical path of forgiveness – the only way to true and lasting peace.
  • Making Peace With Reality: Ordering Your Life in a Chaotic World by Jerry White – Our lives are too busy, too occupied, and too hurried. Chaos presses us from all directions. Chaos fills our hearts and minds as we wrestle with dissatisfaction, emptiness, failure, competition, worry and anger. To escape chaos is like arguing with the wind or the ocean. It’s inescapable. It’s also ripe with opportunity. Jerry White offers insights from his own years of living in life’s trenches and making peace with his reality, offering practical suggestions for focusing on the meaning and purpose God has for each of us, and solutions to surviving the chaotic storm swirling around us and inside us.
  • Not So Fast: Slow-Down Solutions for Frenzied Families by Ann Kroeker – We’re raising our kids in a high-speed, high-pressured, 24-7 world. Pushing children to get ahead, we cram everything possible into our days to maximize their chance at success. We’re overloaded, overextended, and overcaffeinated. How can we possibly downshift without missing out? This book offers hope that families struggling with hurried hearts and frantic souls can discover the rejuvenating power of an unrushed life.
  • Do Yourself a Favor…Forgive: Learn How To Take Control of Your Life Through Forgiveness by Joyce Meyer – When it is properly managed, anger is a healthy signal that something is wrong and needs to be resolved. She exposes the roots of anger, the forms of anger, the disastrous results of living with anger and, finally, the process of forgiving. Why forgive? Because forgiveness is the key to freedom from the terrible turmoil that anger causes to spill over into every part of life.