Our goal is to provide ongoing opportunities to resource our parents of teenagers. We want to invite you to join us for a Navigating Parenthood workshop provided by Ledge Leadership on Sunday December 3 at 12PM in the Office Meeting Room.

The responsibility of parenting a teenager can be a challenging and stressful time. During the workshop, we will explore the driving forces in the life of a youth and a parent, explore two simple principles that will help parents define their role, and introduce parents to cutting edge resources available to help develop your teenager to be more equipped to make effective school and career choices.

Melri & Mike Wright have decades of youth ministry experience, but most importantly, they have two adult children themselves, and have the joys and trails of raising kids. We believe you’ll appreciate their laid-back and honest approach, as well as their insight and wisdom.

We’re excited to offer this workshop free of charge, and a light lunch is included. To register, simply email Tom at tomfenske@westheights.org.